Here at GB Construction group we’ve delivered projects from new head office buildings, extensions to current buildings to new house builds. We know that we are the best option open to you to have your project built on budget and on time.

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Construction Services offered by GB Construction:

  • Demolition
  • Diamond Drilling (using Brock Machine)
  • Building Refurbs
  • Full project management services

Get In Touch to see how we can work together on your new project

Why Choose GB Construction?

At GB Construction we believe in a partnering ethos that allows us to align ourselves with the clients values and requirements and develop this into a clear design that can be delivered in the most efficient method.

Construction can be daunting and intimidating full of conflict and disappointment or it can be exciting, innovative and rewarding.

Choosing the correct partner is the most critical decision to the delivery of a successful and rewarding project with a product that meets the needs of the end users whilst meeting the requirements of the delivery team in terms of budget, time, specification and energy efficiency.

Through the adoption of a partnering ethos we look to overcome most of the inherent conflicts that arise due to the nature of construction contracts.

It is very well having great ideas and fantastic people, however without the right Project Management these may not be enough to achieve a successful delivery. Through our extensive experience, skills and supply chain we are able to provide a level of project management that ensures projects are delivered successfully meeting the needs of the various stakeholders.

We are used to working in demanding situations that have tight constraints and limiting budgets whilst still retaining our partnering approach and making sure that the client remains the top priority.

Our experience, expertise and extensive supply chains has allowed us to operate across a broad range of construction sectors: Commercial, Government and Local Authority, Leisure, Retail, New Build, Defence and Education.