The most important aspect to get right is the Space/Environment that people work in and occupy.

This space needs to meet the users’ needs as well as being an enjoyable Space in which to operate.

The operation and maintenance of this facility has to ensure the organisation’s ability to be efficient and productive with the minimum amount of disruption and down time.

GBC recognise this and ensure that whilst we are proactive and flexible we are also part of the background ensuring that the people using the space are not negatively affected by the works we undertake.

Your building needs to work for your people so they can do the work that they need to do.

We are able to undertake the full range of Facility Management/Property Services from the unblocking of the toilet to the design build and operation of your new facility.
We have extensive experience of soft and hard aspects as well as the internal, external, building fabric operation and maintenance.

Services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Planned preventive maintenance (PPM)
  • Capital Investment Works (CIW)
  • Operation and management (front and back of house)
  • Legislative and compliance – Gas, Electric and Fire Safety.
  • Internal – cleaning, servicing, refurbishing.
  • External – the building itself, parks and landscaping, drains, carparks, arboriculture.

GBC recognise that each client has their very own distinctive requirements and management styles as well as varying objectives and operations. That is why we pride ourselves on our adaptability and flexibility whilst maintaining quality, health and safety and complying with budgetary constraints.

We are confident in our approach and realise that the most important aspect to successful delivery is a full understanding of our client’s requirements, so that we deliver exactly what our clients require.